Smart, practical, efficient solutions that care.

At Coffman, we have seen the evolving medical sector trends throughout our many projects, and we know that modern patient needs drive design. We incorporate user needs, new technology, and process in our functional designs that result in beautiful, sustainable, secure spaces that welcome and heal. Our multidiscipline healthcare portfolio includes projects for laboratories, medical office buildings, cancer centers, central plants, and life science buildings, as well as acute care hospitals and their associated specialized departments such as imaging, surgical suites, and emergency departments. Clients seek us for their challenging and complex healthcare projects, which include new construction, additions/renovations, and remodeling of aged infrastructure.

Below are some of our team’s attributes we are proud to bring to clients.

Proactive Partnership
Our knowledge and experience provide us with valuable guidance on how to approach multiphased, complex, and fast tracked projects. We get involved as early as possible and continually provide new ideas and solutions for space requirements, system selection, infection control, and more. We know project cycles, from design to construction, meaning less risk and fewer surprises for you.

Advanced Design Tools
We constantly leverage new technologies, tools, and techniques to reduce design time, increase document quality, and improve coordination. As a result, budgets stretch further, and timelines are more efficient. Our project toolbox includes:

  • Digital scanning.
  • Modular construction techniques.
  • BIM 360.
  • Lean design.
  • Pull planning.
  • Deliverables checklists.

A Long View
Because of our long history as the sole engineering partner for several clients, we have seen facilities evolve over time. We appreciate the need to design for the unexpected, and to provide the means for long term maintenance. This results in a facility that performs as intended, and an investment in equipment that lasts. Our team can assess infrastructure requirements in the early stages to help with budgeting capital dollars right from the start.

Industry Leadership
The Coffman healthcare team is continually involved in the development of healthcare regulations that impact design requirements and project costs. Our members submit proposed code revisions, serve and lead international healthcare committees, and are frequent authors and presenters on relevant industry topics. This allows us to anticipate upcoming regulatory requirements that impact planned projects, and we have a track record of successfully petitioning local jurisdictions for exceptions to requirements in specific cases.


Traci Hanegan, PE, FASHRAE