Columbia Medical Office Building

Maximizing the site of an existing seven story biotech research and development facility that had not received major upgrades in over 30 years, the First Hill Medical Pavilion project included demolition of two smaller buildings, the addition of a six story, 65,000 sf medical office building with four levels of underground parking, and renovation of over 150,000 sf of existing structure. Connecting the two buildings with a new, single core to be a cohesive structure was a unique challenge that resulted in a seamless design. One of the major efforts Coffman was dedicated to was completing the LEED EA Enhanced Commissioning activities, as well as oversight with completion of all LEED EA Enhanced Commissioning tasks during the design and construction phases. In addition to commissioning, Coffman also provided mechanical and electrical engineering planning and peer review for this project.


  • Healthcare


  • Commissioning
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Sustainable Design