bozeman office overview

Bozeman was a logical choice for Coffman Engineers to plant a flag given its proximity to our clients throughout the Rocky Mountain region. As an engineering company known for having an entrepreneurial spirit, we bring localized, personal service—and thus, more value—to regional clients on and off the beaten path. Our Bozeman office offers structural engineering, fire protection engineering, and corrosion control, backed by the horsepower of Coffman’s full multidiscipline services.

Montana’s Gallatin Valley will lure any engineer to stay. Canaan Bontadelli, PE, our Bozeman office General Manager, was born and raised in the Rockies and was able to return after 13 years of working in our Seattle office. He leads a team that combines strong technical experience, knowledge of the local market and culture, and excitement for the endless variety of projects the region offers. We are just as adept at meeting the challenges of an elementary school or commercial building project as we are at work on a military base, an oil or gas pipeline, or in Yellowstone National Park.

The town of Bozeman makes anyone feel like family. Whether you are a longstanding Coffman client or you would like to explore working with us for the first time, we’d love to help you experience the community with some fly fishing, skiing, or our excellent local microbrews.

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751 Osterman Dr. #104
Bozeman, MT 59715, USA