Exciting news from the 2024 World Hydrogen North America (WHNA) conference! Coffman Engineers and Nel Hydrogen announced their partnership while attending the three-day conference in Houston. This collaboration, which began with a small project for Nel’s MC Series, has evolved to working on a 100 MW building block design that will serve as a template for EPC partners and end users to scale up hydrogen production to multiple gigawatts.

As Justin Freeman, PE, VP of CCUS and Hydrogen for Coffman Engineers, states, “We want to look through the lens of a multi-decade relationship that enables Nel’s success. As the market changes, we’ve adapted together to work towards the most valuable thing for Nel.”

Anthony Borski, Director of Project Management for Nel Hydrogen, highlights the benefits of our partnership in lowering the cost of green hydrogen production. “Coffman brings their expertise in larger scale engineering systems and helps us expand our knowledge base utilizing their deep experience in the oil and gas industry which has helped us lower the CapEx cost of our equipment.”

We are proud to be part of an industry that thrives on collaboration and partnerships. Together, we’re driving out costs from all sides—OEM, project management, engineering, and construction—to make green hydrogen a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Watch the full interview: