USCG State Port Aransas Rebuild

Coffman provided fire protection engineering services, telecommunications design, security design, and special systems design for the United States Coast Guard design-build project located in Port Aransas, TX. Due to Hurricane Harvey, the Station Building was destroyed and required construction of a new facility. The three-story building contains a boat maintenance work bay, personnel office space and workshops, as well as berthing rooms and associated living spaces.

Coffman provided fire protection design services, fire alarm design services, and life safety code consulting. Fire protection engineering services involved fire protection design drawings, including fire pump room design and coordination with the plumbing consultant. Fire alarm services included fire alarm system design drawings as well as coordination with the electrical consultant. The life safety services included life safety drawings, code consulting, and multi-discipline review for an overall code compliant approach. Coffman also provided construction administration services for fire protection and fire alarm system shop drawing reviews and site installation inspections and final system testing.

Telecommunication design services were also provided for this project. This involved outside plant fiber and copper cable distribution to the building and to the shore ties. The interior distribution included design in the main distribution facility telecom room on the second level and the intermediate distribution facility telecom room on the third level. Telecommunications equipment and rooms were coordinated with electrical to ensure power requirements were met. Coffman also provided construction administration services for telecommunications system shop drawings.

Coffman provided security and surveillance design services. The security design involved a intrusion detection system (IDS) and access control system. The IDS system was required for the Command and Operations Center, Armory, and exterior turnstile. This system included keypad/card readers, balanced magnetic switches, and motion sensors. The access control system was provided for the security gate and turnstile at the exterior entrance to the facility. This system included card readers and intercom systems. Cameras were provided on the exterior of the building, the parking area, the shore ties, and interior to the building. Coffman also provided construction administration services for security and surveillance system shop drawings.

Coffman provided special systems design services. The special systems included a public address systems, cable TV distribution, and area of refuge communication system. The public address system consisted of several zones. These zones were located on the exterior of the building, the shore tie location, and within the building. Cable TV infrastructure was provided to the building. Within the building, RG-11 cable was distributed within the building.


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