Chugach Electric Power Generation Services

Chugach Electric Association is the largest electric utility in Alaska, with 531 MW of generation and over 84,000 meters. Coffman has been providing engineering services to Chugach Electric Association since the mid 1980s under various project delivery methods. Our team has worked on more than 100 projects, spanning all of Chugach’s power generation facilities, including hydroelectric, simple cycle gas turbine, and combined cycle plants. This long history of working for Chugach exemplifies our approach to understanding our clients’ facilities, expectations, and project management philosophies.

Coffman’s experience includes all disciplines and all phases of development, and extends from in plant to supporting infrastructure, including fuel storage, liquid and gas pipelines, utility scale battery energy storage, heat recovery, and liquefied natural gas facilities. Some of the more recent Chugach Electric projects are highlighted below:

  • Southcentral Power Plant Owner Assistance
  • Southcentral Power Plant Site Design
  • Stetson Creek RFP Committee
  • 500kW Solar PV RFP Development
  • Beluga Power Plant Area Classification Study
  • EKlutna Inlet Valve Hydraulic Study
  • MSESS Battery/Flywheel Integration
  • LM6000 Turbine Maintenance Cart Design
  • Cooper Lake Valve Vault Access
  • OSP & SES Site Design & Helipad
  • Bernice Lake Fuel Storage Concept
  • Beluga Gas Metering Upgrades


  • Energy & Utility


  • Civil Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering