Insight delivered from the ground up.

To avoid costly changes throughout the life of your project, existing site information must be accurate. Our land surveyors have the experience, advanced equipment, and “can do” attitude to do the job right.

Our team utilizes advanced equipment, including 3D scanning and aerial drone instrumentation, to accurately and efficiently meet project needs. We work with a diverse client base and are experienced at engaging with owner and developer groups, contractors, private landowners, state and local agencies, title companies, architects, engineers, designers, and law firms.

Drone Program

Coffman’s drones are piloted by our land surveying team who are certified Remote Pilot operators with a small UAS (sUAS) rating. As technical professionals and designers, they understand the sites and structures they are assessing and inspecting. Since introducing the program in 2018, we’ve used this tool with great success. Applications include:

  • Capturing images that can be used to create 3D models of projects.
  • Providing current, geolocated, high resolution aerial images of project sites.
  • Surveying large areas faster and with more detail.
  • Capturing data from areas that are inaccessible or unsafe to enter such as cliffs and bodies of water.