Carbon solutions supported by decades of industrial and alternative energy capabilities

Hydrogen is recognized as the clean energy of the future due to its versatility in power generation, storage, and zero-emission fuel cells. As an advisor in hydrogen, providing consulting and design solutions, our work is more than just a project – it’s part of a long-range vision for energy independence.

We value delivering lasting benefits to our clients and the community and are proud to be an engineering firm that clients come back to again and again. We build trust with clients through fit-for-purpose multidiscipline engineering approaches, leading industrial and alternative energy services, and open project communication.

Our experience includes:

  • Hydrogen production facilities (Gasification, electrolysis).
  • Hydrogen pipeline and instrumentation design.
  • Hydrogen storage facilities (Liquid, gaseous, mobile).
  • Specification, technical evaluation, and selection of equipment.
  • Support for testing and commissioning.

In addition, Coffman has designed solar photovoltaic (PV), wind, and battery energy storage systems which are vital components of a green hydrogen project. Whether your project involves creating, storing, or transporting hydrogen, Coffman has more than 30 years of electrical instrumentation and controls, pipeline, and process engineering experience to develop engineering solutions for buildings or modular design.

Industrial capabilities

Clients rely on Coffman for our technical experience, broad perspective, organized project management, and dedication to accuracy that is founded on decades of industrial and oil & gas experience. Past project experience has proven that simple, robust, and maintainable design solutions stand the test of time.

Coffman has supported dozens of diverse industrial gas projects in the last ten years, including CNG, LNG, H2, and O2 projects. Clients know and trust Coffman for unique industrial design solutions and new technologies.

In addition, Coffman’s services in electrical instrumentation and controls, process engineering, renewable powerbattery storage, and other alternative energy technologies complement our capabilities.

Partnering with Clients

We partner with clients to assist with hydrogen projects from regional strategy, conceptual design, detailed engineering, construction, and commissioning for projects involving production, storage, or transportation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Helping you understand project options across the value chain.
  • Selecting the right solution for your project or facility.
  • Acting as an owner’s representative, independent engineer, engineer of record.
  • Engineering and design (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, pipeline, piping).
  • Step-by-step guidance on transforming your business model.
  • Connecting you with the tools and technology to lower your emissions.


Justin Freeman, PE