San Diego Community College District City College Buildings A, D, & T

Coffman Engineers provided structural engineering services for a design-build renovation to consolidate three concrete framed structures built in the 1950s to house administration, a dining/bookstore facility, and technical/ laboratory classrooms. Building “A” is a 53,200 sf, three story concrete shear wall building separated by two seismic joints with concrete frame and joist slab construction. The structure is being partially demolished and rebuilt to be seismically upgraded to the current building code. The change in program and design loads requires the retrofit of the floor and roof, new columns, foundations, and adequacy check of the building gravity and lateral systems.

Building “D” is a 6,000 sf, single-story concrete shear wall building with a green roof that requires roof renovations, new foundations and shear wall retrofit to expand the existing bookstore.

Building “T” is a three-story, 76,400 sf non-ductile reinforced concrete moment frame building with rooftop parking requiring the addition of new interior walls, a new loading dock and rooftop green house, and complete replacement of the building skin.

Two new buildings were added adjacent to “A” and “T” to support new vertical transportation and three new monumental stairs. The project also includes several hundred feet of site retaining walls and stairs, and the addition of three concrete bridges connecting “T” across a deep ravine to “A” campus.


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