Naval Station Everett – B2202 2nd Floor Addition

Coffman provided structural engineering for a new, 7,000 sf 2nd floor addition within an existing warehouse at Naval Station Everett. The addition utilized a steel framed floor and steel braced frames to allow connection to the existing mezzanine and allow new columns to be carefully located on the existing pile foundations to avoid extremely costly foundation work. We worked as a design-build team with the contractor to develop braced frame column base plate connections using post-installed rebar which minimized the size and number of post-installed anchors and avoided any modifications needed to the existing concrete grade beams and pile caps. A new, 7,000 sf ceiling structure was provided above the addition using salvaged cold-formed steel joists from another part of the building and supported new mechanical units for the addition.


  • Federal


  • Structural Engineering
  • Design-Build