Huntington Hospital Wingate-Hahn Study

The Huntington Hospital is a non-profit regional medical campus based in Pasadena, California. The Wingate-Hahn Building is located on the active healthcare campus and is currently connected to seismically non-compliant structures. In order to maintain a high-quality care environment and meet state compliance standards, the hospital planned to upgrade the Wingate-Hahn Building and decommission the adjacent buildings.

Coffman performed a feasibility study to evaluate the existing conditions in preparation for the facility’s transition. This included means of egress, fire-resistant construction, smoke compartmentation, and fire protection systems. The study also identified potential non-compliant conditions to be addressed in the scope of the planned project.

Coffman provided solutions for the construction phase, working with the owner, general contractor, architect, and HAIC (formerly OSHPD), to develop temporary exiting solutions that allowed construction to proceed while maintaining the functionality of the Wingate-Hahn building and adjacent buildings. For the renovation, Coffman worked with the design team on the implementation of the fire/life safety solutions developed in the feasibility study, including support of the project team through the HAIC permitting process. By assessing the unique conditions of the building early in the process and providing insightful solutions, Coffman created an efficient, code-compliant design that serves the needs of the facility and patients.


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