Dr. Angela Bowen Center for Health Education at South Puget Sound Community College

The Dr. Angela Bowen Center for Health Education at South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) is a 24,000 sf, four-story building housing SPSCC’s nursing program in Olympia, Washington. The building was acquired by SPSCC from Dr. Angela Bowen’s estate, and they received a $1.2 million in-kind contribution to expand their healthcare programs. Coffman designed the power and lighting systems to renovate the first three levels of the building, providing all new classrooms and nursing skills labs for students. Four highlights of work included bench lighting, hallway lighting, headwalls, and skills lab lighting, detailed below:

Bench Lighting – Bench lighting included a cove light and a wall washer fixture. These are used to highlight the bench feature in the hallway, providing an inviting and convenient place for students to relax between classes. Convenience receptacles were mounted in the bench face. Significant coordination was needed to ensure the proper installation of the light fixtures.

Hallway Lighting – Hallway lighting included recessed linear light fixtures, providing even illumination throughout the hallways and easy installation. Exit signs were both aesthetically pleasing and practical for the building.

Headwalls – Headwalls for patient beds were installed in nursing skills labs, allowing students to simulate real-world situations. Similar to a hospital, many outlets were provided for patient beds and additional equipment.

Skills Lab Lighting – The skills lab lighting included 2 ft by 4 ft flat panel fixtures that blended seamlessly into the ceiling. These fixtures provide ample illumination for practicing nursing skills in a simulated patient room and normal classroom use.


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