BioLegend is a local company that develops antibodies and reagents for biomedical research. In 2015, BioLegend set out to expand its existing campus onto an existing eight acres.
Included in this $140M project was an update to an existing 47,000 sf facility, a new four-story, 128,000 sf structure with lab-office space, a pedestrian bridge between the new building, and the existing building and construction of a 700-space parking structure.

The geometric complexity of the steel-framed lab-office building was dictated thoughtfully locating the lateral resisting system so that the structure performed well in seismic events. Special steel moment frame beams with bolted SidePlate proprietary connection systems were used for the lateral system. This resulted in lighter frame beams and columns with a reduction in overall steel tonnage and faster erection time, saving approximately three weeks from the project schedule. A column-free 500-person mufti-purpose room occurred under a second level green roof with extensive planting areas, tree wells, and pedestal walkways.

The atrium’s unique solutions consisted of steel-tension rod bracing for the four-story glass-enclosed open space on the south side of the lab-office building. The tension bracing routed around an interior pedestrian bridge at level two that extended across the space to connect with an exterior concrete pedestrian bridge. Directly north of the office, severe sloping grades required significant coordination and design effort for the seven-story parking structure design. Up-turned concrete moment frames centered on the structure helped mitigate the sloping hillside issues and enhance amenities such as shade structures, solar panel structures, and a pedestrian bridge at the fourth level.

The team achieved the goal of enabling collaboration between departments while providing efficient laboratories and workspaces where employees can thrive. Coffman was proud to be a part of this world-class campus.

Photo credit: Stephen Whalen Photography


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