Consulting for effective planning and preparedness.

We are passionate about safety. Particularly where hazardous chemicals or energy sources exist in the workplace. Our goal is to help clients identify potential hazards and have a plan in place to mitigate or handle hazards if they arise.

What is Process Safety Management (PSM)?
Process Safety Management (PSM) is mandated by OSHA to help ensure safe and healthy workplaces. OSHA’s PSM standard was designed as a tool to help organizations prevent highly hazardous chemicals from being mishandled or released.

The PSM standard is composed of:

  • Organizational and operational procedure
  • Design guidance
  • Audit programs
  • Other methods

Developing and adopting a PSM program establishes a comprehensive management plan to integrate technologies, procedures, and management practices to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents from releases of chemicals and other energy sources.

To be effective and well-implemented in operations, PSM programs must be continuously managed and maintained. In addition to an improved safety record, an effective PSM program often creates work and cost efficiencies within the organization.

How we can help.
As each organization’s processes and operations are unique, our PSM services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. We evaluate facilities, processes, operations, and programs to provide everything from operational recommendations to developing a full, in-depth PSM program. We also have a variety of ways we engage with our clients: through site visits to facilities to observe operations and procedures, on- or off-site meetings, and virtually.

Wherever the needs lie, our years of experience in the industry can equip clients with the right set of tools for implementing effective process safety management.