Balancing function, efficiency, and beauty.

Our team is known for beautiful, vibrant lighting designs that are technically functional and seamlessly coordinated with the overall engineering design. Coffman’s lighting services include the design and specification of complete lighting and control systems.

The Power of Lighting Design

The role of the lighting designer is equal parts art and science. First, we analyze and visualize the architectural hierarchy of an environment, determining which forms and surfaces should be brought to the forefront. Then we draw on our technical expertise to realize this vision, designing solutions that are beautiful, but also maximize function. Thoughtful lighting design choices are integral to creating more enjoyable, healthy, sustainable, and safe environments for people to live in, work in, and enjoy.

A Balanced Approach
We understand the importance and value of energy efficient lighting and strive to achieve efficiency without compromising the primary intent of delivering a quality lighting solution. Close collaboration between clients and our lighting consultants results in unique illumination solutions that combine aesthetic lighting design and technical engineering know-how. Our creative designs are backed with practical application to provide well coordinated, energy efficient, and code compliant lighting designs that are maintenance sensitive and activity-oriented.

Advanced Tools
Our team has the experience and design tools required to tackle complex projects. We support our design with lighting calculations, life cycle cost comparisons, and energy modeling. Our internal quality assurance process verifies that our creative lighting designs meet project and code requirements and are practical to install and maintain by the owner.

Open Communication
Early and ongoing dialog between owners, architects, and Coffman’s entire engineering and lighting design team ultimately produces higher quality and better-coordinated designs.