Energy. It matters.

Our multidiscipline engineering team offers energy consulting services to private and public sector clients across the country.

Our Coffman team of engineers and field personnel have performed energy services on commercial buildings, including commercial office space, supermarkets, retail establishments, and more. These services include energy auditing, utility incentive services, energy efficiency modeling and reporting, commissioning and retro-commissioning, functional performance testing, and owner outreach. Coffman energy auditors are also experienced with evaluating commercial refrigeration systems, energy management systems, lighting systems, and HVAC systems.

Whole Building Approach

We believe a ‘whole building’ audit provides the most accurate picture of energy savings opportunities at your facility. We provide energy audits defined by the latest ASHRAE standards that examine the building envelope, building systems, operations and maintenance procedures, and building schedules. This is the most comprehensive approach allowing owners and operators to benchmark systems and identify existing energy cost reduction opportunities.