Wake Island Electrical Condition Assessment

This task order provided a Conceptual Charrette Report (CCR) for the second phase of repair for the medium voltage electrical distribution system at the Wake Island Airfield. The Government plans to execute an FY25 construction project for the design-build execution of the work outlined in the CCR to replace all damaged equipment of the remaining original components of the electrical distribution system on Wake Island.

To develop the CCR, Coffman teamed with electricians and linemen on a site visit to the facility to inspect the condition of all of the existing distribution equipment and secondary services that were not replaced by an earlier project. Through the CCR process, Coffman worked with the Government to establish three replacement alternatives representing different options to allow the Government to select a replacement alternative that made the best use of available project funds. The selected scope outlined in the CCR is for the replacement of 25 pad-mounted transformers, 41 below-grade concrete vaults, two pad-mounted sectionalizing switches, and upgrades to 37 secondary services damaged by corrosion due to the humidity and salt-laden air.


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