UAF Museum Whale Skeleton Lighting

A 43-foot whale skeleton is deserving of dramatic lighting and Coffman provided a complete lighting upgrade for a suspended Bowhead Whale Skeleton exhibit at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Museum of the North. The whale skeleton is suspended from the ceiling of the lobby and lit with new energy-efficient LED fixtures on dimmer controls. The ambient lighting for the space is primarily provided by an LED wall wash illumination of the curved walls accented by fixed can lights illuminating the stairs and walking surface. Adjustable LED can lights are used to highlight the whale skeleton. The dimmer system was also upgraded to allow the use of DMX controls so that each fixture could be controlled independently.

Fun fact! Coffman did the original mechanical and electrical building design in 1998. The original team of Coffman designers and engineers that were part of this project and all are still with Coffman to this day!

Watch a video developed by the University documenting the progress of the exhibit in the making!


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