Tucson House Renovation

Coffman is providing code consulting, smoke control design consulting, and special inspection services for the Tucson House Renovation located in Tucson, AZ. The building was constructed in the 1960s in accordance with the Uniform Building Code (UBC) as an apartment building. Fire sprinkler systems were installed in the 1980s and the fire alarm system was replaced in 1998. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is eligible for tax credits from the National Park Service.

The project includes the renovation of a 17-story high-rise for a mixed-use public housing apartment development. The 17th story includes the roof and a rooftop solarium. Floors 2 through 16 are primarily residential apartments. The first floor includes amenities, including shared areas, a lobby, and offices. The basement level includes laundry, services, mechanical and electrical areas, and telecom/fire alarm equipment.

The building renovation is phased while occupied, while the residential floors are being demolished and renovated three floors at a time. Certain aspects of the building design, including corridors, are being retained including the corridors due to the historical designation. During this time services (electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire alarm) are being upgraded and replaced in parallel where possible.


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