Sycuan Casino Hotel & Resort

Coffman provided the smoke control special inspections for the 12-story building at the Sycuan Casino and Resort. Although Coffman was brought on to the project later than usual, the San Diego fire protection team was able to get the inspection completed without causing any delay to the project.

The hotel expansion was classified as a high-rise building which required various special attributes, such as smoke control systems, depending on the governing codes. The property is under the jurisdiction of the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, so the applicable codes were adopted by them and differ from California’s adopted codes. A smoke control system comprised of pressurized stairs and ventilated vestibules were provided in the hotel to satisfy the smokeproof enclosure requirements for high-rises. As construction was winding down, the team realized a smoke control special inspector was required to satisfy the smoke control special inspection requirements of the adopted code and the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).


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