St. Francis Hospital CATH/IR Lab and Seismic Retrofit

The newly designed/planned CATH and IR labs in the existing ED building triggered the required seismic upgrade of this 1991 building. It is a one-story building with a pre-Northridge moment frame building lateral system. The unique seismic upgrade utilized the 2007, 3-story, concrete shear wall ICU addition that was built over and encompassed the entire ED building.

The space between the roof of the ED building and the floor of ICU addition is served as a MEP interstitial/mezzanine floor. This provides the access to allow the ED building roof framing to connect to the ICU building concrete shear walls with friction dampers via newly constructed ED roof top horizontal trusses that connect to the extended ED building columns. The upgraded ED building is able to achieve IO structural performance level and is extremely cost efficient compared to conventional seismic upgrade approaches.


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