Richland Fire Stations 73 & 75

Richland Fire and Emergency Services currently operates out of five fire stations across the City of Richland. Two of the five fire stations, Station 73 and Station 75, were newly constructed and completed in the fall of 2021. Coffman provided electrical engineering services for a progressive design-build delivery of the two new 11,000 sf fire stations located on two separate sites for the City of Richland.

Before its rebuild and relocation, Station 73 was 63 years old and not optimally located to provide the most effective coverage in the area. Therefore, the new Station 73 was relocated to serve the area better and built to house three-four firefighters, one fire truck, one ambulance, administration spaces, and four apparatus bays.

Station 75 was built in response to the increased community growth of the North Richland area. The addition of Station 75 aids in increasing the number of Richland Fire and Emergency Services personnel and equipment available to serve the area. Station 75 includes space for up to four firefighters and room for one ambulance and one fire engine.

Fire Stations 73 and 75 will house fire and emergency services, police staff, and the resources necessary to support them.


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