One Museum Square

The One Museum Square project is a 21-story, 285-unit apartment complex with a rooftop bar, lounge, pool, gym, and lounges. The building also contains a two-story subterranean parking garage for 410 vehicles within an adjoining structure that serves an adjacent office building. The building replaced a parking lot at 620 South Curson Avenue in Los Angeles.

Since the highest floor having human occupancy is located more than 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department access, the project is classified as a high-rise building. Due to the high-rise classification, smoke control is provided as a life safety feature for the building.

Coffman provided special inspection services, including conducting inspections, verifying installation, and witnessing testing of the smoke control systems in accordance with the Smoke Control Rational Analysis Report (Rational Analysis) and applicable code requirements of the 2017 Los Angeles Building Code (LABC). The authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) for this project are the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.


  • Hospitality & Housing


  • Fire Protection Engineering