North Fork Road/Kenney Creek Fish Passage Culvert

The Kenney Creek fish passage project has been identified as the highest priority barrier removal project in the Whatcom County road system, as it is blocking access to 1.5 miles of high-quality spawning and rearing habitats for multiple salmonid populations. Coffman will help restore 100% of the fish passage across this critical water crossing while providing the greatest possible value to the County.

The culvert was a five foot diameter corrugated steel culvert, located under approximately 20 feet of road fill, and is identified as a barrier to fish passage. Immediately downstream from the culvert, there is an existing fishway owned by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) that will be replaced as part of this project. Coffman will replace the existing WDFW fish-way and County road culvert with a simple design structure that requires low future maintenance costs while providing 100% passage for Kenney Creek fish habitat.


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