Mark Kia and Mark Mazda Scottsdale

Mark Kia and Mark Mazda are two separate ground-up car dealerships located in the Scottsdale Autoshow in Arizona. Coffman provided structural engineering services for these two new dealerships. Mark Kia is approximately 39,000 sf and Mark Mazda is approximately 21,000 sf. Both dealerships feature a showroom, offices, service bays, a body shop, paint rooms, and a service canopy.

Both dealerships have an approximately 10,000 sf mezzanine for additional offices and parts storage. Construction of the structural systems consisted primarily of a steel hybrid roof, concrete over a metal deck and steel framed floor, and a combination of CMU walls and ordinary steel moment frames. The projects required several special design considerations such as a round tube steel ordinary moment frame at the showroom of Mark Kia, concrete pits in the slab for alignment racks, tread checkers, and paint booth, roof screen design, design of the roof framing for solar panels, and design of the rear portion of the service building at Mark Kia for future expansion.


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