Kwajalein Atoll Solar PV Systems

Coffman provided civil and structural engineering for three photovoltaic systems, two rooftop-mounted and one ground-based, on US Army Garrison, Kwajalein Island. Two systems were originally mounted on existing roofs and one system was ground-based. The total installed PV capacity is 468 kW. During design, Coffman determined the condition of the existing rooftops was insufficient to support a PV array for the lifespan of the project. The two rooftop arrays were then reconfigured/consolidated into a single array on a building with sufficient roof space. Part of the array was supported by a concrete roof, however, the majority was supported on light gauge metal purlins and structural steel support frames.

Coffman’s certified thermographer conducted infrared roof surveys using a FLIR T-300 camera. Thermographic imaging can detect wet insulation underneath the roofing membrane. Based on our pre-installation survey, pre-existing water damage was detected and repaired. The post-installation thermography validated the roof condition for acceptance and warranty purposes.


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