Kona Village Resort Commissioning

Located on Kahuwai Bay, the site of the former ancient fishing village on the island of Hawai’i, the Kona Village Resort opened in the 1960s. A 2011 tsunami generated by a 9.0 earthquake in Japan destroyed the iconic, luxurious retreat. It was shuttered for several years before developer, Kennedy Wilson, and operator, Rosewood Hotels, decided in 2016 to restore and rebuild it, making it more resilient and sustainable in its revival.

Coffman served as the commissioning agent for the ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, plumbing systems, and electrical systems for the resort’s 149 buildings that feature guest rooms, service and support buildings, central chiller plant, commissary, spa and fitness, and kitchen facility buildings.

Coffman provided mechanical and electrical commissioning of the following systems: HVAC systems including central chilled water plant (chillers, cooling towers, chilled water and condenser water pumps), chilled water fan coil units for guest rooms, central station air handling units for support buildings, restaurant, kitchens, and shops, service water heating including gas water heaters and water source water heat pumps, plumbing fixtures, hot water circulating pumps, building automation (direct digital control system (DDCS) and INCOMM hotel automation system for the guest room HVAC system, utility monitoring and controls, and lighting controls. For three of the building complexes, our team also provided LEED enhanced commissioning, including design review, ongoing commissioning plan, and 10-month warranty systems inspection.

Our commissioning effort required thorough collaboration, communication with the owners and contractors, and flexibility in its completion schedule.


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