Hilcorp Seaview Pipeline

Coffman provided engineering design and construction support for a new two mile long, ten-inch diameter steel pipeline in Anchor Point, Alaska. The high-pressure gas pipeline was constructed to connect Hilcorp’s Seaview production pad to the local gas utility distribution system.

Coffman provided coordinated services across multiple disciplines and specialties. This included developing alignment drawings for the new pipeline, tie-in packages at each end of the pipeline, the inspection tool launcher and receiver, pipeline isolation valves, pipe supports, the coating system design, and cathodic protection design.

The project included two horizontal direction drills (HDD). The first HDD crossed both the Anchor River and the Sterling Highway. This HDD was 2,019 feet across and involved a 160 ft drop in elevation with a 140 ft elevation gain to the other side. The second HDD crossed the Anchor River’s North Fork and was 1,721 ft long with an elevation drop of 130 ft, and then a gain of 108 ft.

Being mindful of the risk of frac-out, Coffman coordinated the scope of the geotechnical exploration to gain insight into the existing soils. The team then calculated the mud pressures and compared them to frac-out pressures to allow safe crossing of both bodies of water.

Please note: A stock photo is used in this instance to help illustrate the project and is not an actual photo of the Hilcorp Seaview Pipeline project site.


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