Moxy Downtown Los Angeles

Moxy Downtown Los Angeles and AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles make up a cohesive, new mixed-use development as two Marriott hotels brands adjacent to the Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center. The 37-story tower integrates two hotels totaling 727 guest rooms atop an eight-level podium with one level of open naturally ventilated parking and five levels of enclosed parking. The project includes back-of-house utility and employee facilities on the basement level, restaurants, event spaces, meeting rooms, a pool deck, fitness and sales offices, outdoor terrace, and mechanical rooms.

Coffman is providing smoke control inspection services for the 505,000 sf project. Since the highest floor having human occupancy is located more than 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access, the project is classified as a high-rise building. Smoke control and stair pressurization systems were required due to the high-rise classification.

Marriott is the hotel operator and the smoke control system was designed in compliance with Marriott’s fire protection/life safety standards and the 2017 Los Angeles Building (LABC) and Fire (LAFC) Codes.


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