F-22 Operations Maintenance Hangar

The Joint Base Langley Eustis Consolidated Operations and Maintenance Hangar provides a six-bay, high-bay space for maintenance support for additional F-22A aircraft from Tyndall Air Force Base. The facility provides all necessary spaces to house hangar bays, staff administration, propulsion shop, ready room, break room, tools/parts support, aircraft maintenance equipment storage, wheel/tire shop, egress shop, restrooms/showers/lockers, and building systems support. The project includes all utilities, site improvements, pavements, detection/protection features, security enhancements, and other supporting work necessary to make a complete and useable facility. The hangars are designed in accordance with DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-211-01 Aircraft Maintenance Hangars.

The new 76,445 sf facility organizes the operations and maintenance functions into two main areas; a 36,000 sf maintenance hangar with six bays for F-22s, and a two-story, 40,445 sf administrative and support wing to support 92 full-time staff. Energy modeling determined that the building will use 1,072,801 kWh/year kWh/year. The building is designed to allow testing and maintenance functions to be performed on the first floor (NDI, LO Support, and Wheel and Tire), while the administrative functions are consolidated on the second floor. Both floors of the administrative and support wing take advantage of large windows and open workstations filled with natural light, which further reduces the need for private offices and for additional overall space in the building. The testing areas are organized on the first floor to maximize the efficiency and process of items passing from the hangar space into those areas, and to allow ease-of-access for outside customers to pass through the building without interrupting daily operations.


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