City of Ellensburg Corrosion Evaluation

The City of Ellensburg operates and maintains a natural gas piping system that serves over 4,700 customers in Ellensburg and surrounding Kittitas County. The system is comprised of over 130 miles of distribution piping. Coffman was selected to provide a corrosion control evaluation for the natural gas piping system and associated cathodic protection systems. Two of the City’s aboveground, welded steel water reservoirs were also included in the corrosion evaluation.

Coffman performed a wide variety of services as a part of the evaluation, including field testing and condition assessment of the impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection systems, evaluation and training of the City’s personnel, review and revision of the City’s operating and maintenance manual, and analysis of AC/DC stray current interference risks to the City’s natural gas piping network. By utilizing the City’s existing GIS software, Coffman was able to streamline the collection and processing of survey data from thousands of test locations.

Coffman compiled the evaluation into a detailed, easy-to-read report; providing both a concise executive summary for City Council members, as well as detailed technical analysis and recommendations for City utility personnel.


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