Mitch Zafer, PE, PMP

Battery Energy Storage Champion Developing Team & Projects

Coffman is pleased to announce Mitch Zafer’s, PE, PMP, promotion to Corporate Manager of Energy Storage. Mitch previously managed and supported battery storage projects across the US on Coffman’s Energy and Sustainability team. In this new position, Mitch applies the firm’s battery storage experience to a companywide energy storage program including flow batteries, compressed air, heat transfer, gravity, and other emerging storage technologies. His role includes acquiring new projects, developing staff resources, strategic corporate program guidance, and supporting project execution across the company.

Demand for battery energy projects

Mitch has grown Coffman’s energy storage portfolio to more than 90 projects across the US, including one of the world’s largest with hundreds of battery storage containers and thousands of acres of solar panels. Mitch explained, “Clients turn to energy storage alternatives to meet energy goals or find reliable renewable power sources. The BESS growth in the US has exceeded any other energy project growth since the original electrical grid. The creation of this position allows Coffman to respond to that demand and growth. It’s exciting to be part of this momentum.”

Mitch works closely with and reports to Coffman’s Vice President of Energy and Sustainability, Tony SlatonBarker, SE, PE, LEED AP. “Mitch is the right person to lead Coffman’s energy storage initiative, and he has positioned Coffman as a premier consultancy for battery systems. His experience in electrical transmission and distribution systems has been critical to supporting massive battery project integration at the utility-scale. He has built up our resources and capabilities across the company and developed great relationships through exceptional project management and technical quality. His passion for this work shines through on every project,” says Tony.

Mitch is a licensed mechanical engineer and certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He has an MS from the University of California San Diego and a BS from San Diego State University. Read Mitch’s bio.