Honolulu electrical engineering firm expands capabilities for The Pacific Region

HONOLULU, Hawaii – Coffman announced today an asset purchase agreement with electrical engineering firm ECS, Inc. (ECS). Representatives from both firms signed the deal on May 8, 2024. This strategic partnership brings together the experience of both firms. Coffman welcomes ECS’s two owners, Michele Adolpho, PE, and Timothy Higa, PE, founder Lennox Nishimura, PE, and seven staff members to the company.

From L to R: John Thielst, Pacific Regional Manager, Coffman Engineers; Tim Higa, Vice President, ECS; Michele Adolpho, President, ECS.

Established in 1980, ECS’s legacy of electrical engineering consulting has deep roots in Hawaii and the Pacific. ECS’s decision to join Coffman focuses on providing continuity of client services and long-term career opportunities for employees.

“Tim and I have had great long careers at ECS. This opportunity allows us to continue serving clients the way we have in addition to the added resources Coffman can provide,” said Adolpho, ECS President.

“Coffman supports their workers, and that was important to us. We wanted to be sure our staff will have good career opportunities while allowing Michele and I to concentrate more on engineering and mentoring,” said Higa, ECS Vice President.

ECS and Coffman’s experience and markets align, particularly in federal, education, transportation, civic, and local government. Leadership and staff across both firms have longstanding relationships and strong partnership experience. This provides a foundation for a smooth transition of projects, clients, and employees.

“Bringing ECS together with Coffman is like bringing together a team of good friends. Staff at both firms have worked together on projects for many years, some for over 30 years. It’s an honor to welcome ECS to Coffman and continue their 44-year legacy,” said John Thielst, Senior Vice President, and Pacific Regional Manager for Coffman.

As Coffman, ECS will continue to support clients and honor project commitments with the same staff and quality. ECS moved to Coffman’s Honolulu office on May 13, 2024. Together, ECS and Coffman provide clients with increased electrical engineering capacity and capabilities in civil, structural, mechanical, and fire protection engineering. The addition of ECS expands Coffman’s Pacific Regional electrical engineering group to 26 employees.

About ECS

Established in 1980, ECS is a consulting engineering firm providing electrical engineering services in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin, including Guam, Saipan, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau. With deep roots in Hawaii’s community, Michele Adolpho, PE, and Tim Higa, PE, have continued their commitment to high-quality services, which co-founder Lennox Nishimura established. The firm’s services include planning, engineering design, design drawings, specifications, cost estimates, construction administration, and studies/reports.