What is Direct Air Capture (DAC) and what role does it play in combating climate change?

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is a cutting-edge technology that addresses climate change by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere. This innovative process is a vital tool on our journey toward a sustainable, decarbonized future. It offers one of many pathways to counteract the rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Why is it essential? Decarbonizing the economy

In pursuit of a low-carbon economy, DAC plays a critical role in supporting the capture process and storage of excess CO2 emissions. DAC works in tandem with other strategies, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, creating a comprehensive approach to mitigating climate change.

DAC offers one of many pathways needed to achieve our collective sustainability goals. DAC is part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle climate change.

Support for DAC

Coffman proudly supports the implementation of DAC projects, actively advancing a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. We believe in the transformative power of technology and innovation to drive positive change for future generations. Join us as we pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Carbon Blade

Climate change is a global challenge that requires innovative solutions. That’s why we are partnering with Carbon Blade, a pioneer in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

Carbon Blade’s DAC technology mimics nature’s way of removing carbon dioxide from the air and transforming it into solids. This innovative technology is powered by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, and uses a regenerative process that recycles the chemicals used in the CO2 capture. Carbon Blade’s technology offers a scalable and replicable solution tailored to meet specific needs.

Coffman is providing engineering support for Carbon Blade’s prototype development. Our team is responsible for system specification and testing parameters, multidiscipline engineering and controls, system design and process definition, and bill of materials. Our experience with pumps, valves, tanks, power electronics, and controls hardware supports Carbon Blade in achieving their vision.

We are honored to be part of this groundbreaking project. Carbon Blade’s technology will lower CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to help meet global decarbonization goals and positively impact the climate to protect our future.