Optimum performance. Peace of MInd.

Commissioning provides an owner with the confidence that their design intent and operational requirements have been met. Our team’s experience providing total building commissioning services enables us to create a comprehensive commissioning plan that we execute with authority.

Our commissioning services add value greater than their cost through the delivery of optimal systems performance, reduced claims, and smooth transitions between the design, construction, and occupancy phases of any project. A smooth transition to occupancy and operation ultimately saves the owner money because it directly impacts worker productivity and management planning.

Coffman’s fundamental building commissioning philosophy facilitates thorough and timely construction that promotes the optimum performance of all commissioned systems. The planning and team building for this quality control is a substantial component of what we do. So is the tracking of all quality control activities, which adds accountability and value by increasing the validity of inspections and tests.

What Sets Us Apart

Our technical approach combines our experience with current tools and technology for stable data collection and testing results that are repeatable. Then, through our proprietary, project customizable database, we are able to record and sort thousands of inspections, producing an audit trail for every commissioned item and system. This powerful database, combined with Coffman Engineers’ commissioning capabilities, brings owners peace of mind and confidence in the quality of their project.