From the Real World to the Virtual

Coffman provides clients with 3D scans of existing facilities, allowing for more accurate measurements of current conditions. Scans relate to the actual geospatial world in terms of real coordinates and elevations. Our scanners provide a virtual site visit that can be used anytime.

Higher accuracy and survey-grade scanning are also available, as demanded by the project. Both systems utilize survey control points to stitch different scan sessions together automatically. The resulting point cloud, easily containing millions of scan points, allows the designer to model over the existing object and select a tie-in point with a higher degree of accuracy. Combined with our system, we can accurately geolocate our data in the real world.

Uses and Benefits

3D Scanning Rendering

  • Preserve the original building, rooms, and objects prior to modification for later reference.
  • Basis for development of as-built drawings.
  • Works in difficult conditions, such as large, confined/congested, dark, or remote locations not easily accessible.
  • Safer solution on challenging or dangerous sites.
  • Develop base drawings using the scan as a background for design, remodeling, or rendering work.
  • Faster and more accurate field measurements, avoiding the need for additional costly fieldwork.
  • Observe the existing condition of the site geospatially fitted to the actual coordinate location in the world.
  • Basis for electronic as-builts when information is not accessible.


Luke Bergeron, PE
Rob Wasserman, PE, SE