Selah School District Transportation Cooperative Facility

As part of its ongoing dedication to delivering top-notch facilities, the Selah School District embarked on the construction of a new Transportation Cooperative Facility. This collaborative initiative involved joint efforts between the Selah School District and the Union Gap School District to enhance the operational efficiency and overall effectiveness of the school districts. These facilities foster collaboration and resource sharing among districts, leading to significant cost savings and streamlined transportation services. By pooling resources, school districts can collectively invest in a centralized hub for vehicle maintenance, storage, and administrative functions, optimizing the use of funds and personnel.

Coffman provided structural engineering services for a new $5.7M transportation maintenance building in Selah, Washington. The project included single story, high-bay areas for bus maintenance and an office area. The construction type is wood I joists and wood trusses for the roof supported by load bearing, reinforced concrete masonry walls and wood stud bearing walls.


  • Education


  • Structural Engineering