Samaritan Medical Center Medical Office Building

The Samaritan Medical Center Medical Office Building in San Jose is a modern healthcare facility that was designed and constructed to meet the needs of the surrounding community. The building’s design incorporates a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, with an emphasis on natural light and an open layout. The facility accommodates primary care, specialty care, and diagnostic imaging. Set on a 6.5-acre site, the new building demolishes seven existing one-story office buildings.

The 156,800 sf, six-story building was constructed using the latest sustainable building practices, including energy-efficient HVAC systems, water conservation measures, and the use of recycled materials. Due to the congested mechanical roof layout, the team decided to provide a solar-ready roof on the adjacent parking structure. Additional project challenges included fitting the generator in the tight yard space, which was made more difficult with the addition of Tier 4 Urea filtration equipment on the roof of the generator enclosure. The design team also navigated adding a dedicated HVAC system to the “machineless” elevator machine room shortly before the completion of the project.

In seeking tenant input during the design process, many departments requested to have a large number of medical equipment run on emergency power, although the loads were not required to be supported by the emergency generator by the California Electrical Code. Consequently, Coffman designed load sensing and load shedding systems to ensure that the generator capacity was always available for the code-required loads while utilizing spare capacity to service the optional loads.

The Samaritan Medical Center Medical Office Building is an important resource for patients in the surrounding community, providing access to high-quality medical care in a state-of-the-art facility.

Rendering courtesy of RBB Architects


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