Malmstrom Air Force Base Repair of Building 1450

Built in 1989,  Building 1450 was originally an aircraft hangar for the KC-135 mission. Under the requirements of the new mission, the approximately 35,000 square foot facility must serve as a Vehicle Maintenance Shop, so it required significant operational changes, including additional vehicle repair space, less break/training room space, and better-situated office spaces. Additionally, many building components and systems failed or needed repair/replacement to follow current codes and create a suitably occupiable and safe working environment.

Coffman provided structural and fire protection engineering services for a charette report on an existing hangar building converted to a repair garage. The scope of work (SOW) requested that the design team explore three directed courses of action (COA) to better utilize the space within the existing building enclosure. Coffman provided services, including observations of existing systems and noting any deficiencies, as well as life safety and code analysis of the existing facility using relevant codes (UFC, IBC, and NFPA 101). Coffman provided a summary of code requirements for fire protection and structural services to meet the client’s requirements for the facility and cost estimates for the client to use in requests for funding to move forward with design services.


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