City of Pullman Bus Charging Station

Coffman provided the electrical engineering design to upgrade the City of Pullman bus barn service to 480 volts from 208 volts to accommodate new bus charging stations. The upgrade required separate metering to take advantage of a lower rate schedule for electric vehicle charging. The building had limited space for the new service and charging equipment so the new service equipment was installed outside and the new Chargepoint chargers were installed inside.

Chargepoint’s CPE 250 was selected to operate in tandem mode offering two charging stations for the buses and the bus barn has the capacity to handle six. This system was selected for several reasons. The first and most important reason was compatibility with the Gillig buses the city plans to purchase. The second reason was that it was a proven product that could meet our delivery schedule. The third was that it fit the indoor space to accommodate indoor charging during Pullman’s snowy winter weather.


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