We’re still buzzing from the energy at the 2022 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference (PRC) in Sacramento. It wasn’t just the fact that the long-awaited conference finally happened, but the gratitude that was felt throughout the three days of this in-person conference. We all came away knowing there’s nothing quite like connecting and learning together.

Our team of 14 marketing professionals in attendance showed that we were itching to learn and connect with clients and colleagues. As a result, we’re bursting with new energy and ideas. Here are some of our takeaways:

  1. Think We/Our/Us. Rather than thinking about what’s good for us as individuals, we need to think about what’s best for our team. (From Craig Park) – Jami Hirota, PE, Principal, Honolulu Civil Engineering
  2. Identify A Win Theme. WIN THEMES: a memorable phrase that identifies why the client should choose your firm for a contract and not your competitor. This theme explains the benefits your firm will bring to the project, backed by strong proof points. It’s critical to have your win theme throughout the proposal process, from the cover letter through the interview. (How to Identify Win Themes, Keelin Cox) – Karma Torres, Corporate Proposal Specialist
  3. Are we living out our mission and vision? It is eye-opening to ask if our mission/vision/values are the lived experiences for employees, clients, and prospective employees. There is a direct connection between what we promise and how we profit through employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. (Marketing & HR: Bosom Buddies or Enemies, Heather Polivka) – Beth Shimogawa, Corporate Communications
  4. Find your competitive position. Know where you stand out and understand your competitors. To find your competitive position, map your edge. See where your competitors are equal or better and neutralize the peaks. (How to Identify Win Themes, Keelin Cox) – Robin Yanoshek, Portland Marketing Specialist
  5.  Relationships Reign Supreme. PRC offered the opportunity to establish strong connections among co-workers and clients through trust and understanding. Keep clients’ best interests in mind, even if your firm is not the appropriate team member for a specific project. It is important to cultivate those relationships, regardless. – Laura Luger, Honolulu Marketing Manager
  6. Understand what matters to clients. Then, convince the client that what you’re best at is what matters most to them. – Skip Bourgeois, Vice President, Marketing
  7. Client relationships are key. The pandemic has made starting and maintaining client relationships more difficult than ever, but there are so many ways we can form meaningful connections other than just meeting for coffee. If we’re not building those relationships, someone else is. (A Shark Reminder: Staying on Top of Mind, Melanie Meeks and Allie Horne) – Bryson O’Neill, Spokane Marketing Specialist
  8. 2+ years of planning! Can we acknowledge Lesley Cocores, Tracy Jenkins, and the planning committee on the longest EVER PRC planning? Wow, They rolled with the changes, mandates, cancellations, extensions, and so much more with professionalism and grace. And the event was a success!

We hope you also find some of these tidbits inspiring, and we are looking forward to the next PRC in San Diego. What were your takeaways from PRC? Please email us at information@coffmanmarcom.com.