The steel Wild Horses near Vantage, Washington are quite the sight for drivers traveling down I-90, along the Columbia River.

These horses have been galloping across the hilltop for 30 years but are still missing an important piece of their design. Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies is the official name of the installment created by artist David Govedare, and his original vision includes a 36 foot tall basket positioned behind the structures to create the illusion of the ponies running out and away, representing the “gift of life”. The final basket was not able to be installed safely at the time the horses were, so David’s piece has remained incomplete ever since.

Coffman’s Craig Lee is determined to construct and securely position the basket atop the hill in its rightful place behind the ponies. He’s helping to lead the team of engineers, steel fabricators, contractors, and more to make David’s vision a reality.

Check out the video here to learn more about how the project is coming along.