Clients and friends,

As our society shifts towards returning to a level of pre-pandemic normalcy, Coffman Engineers has determined that connecting face-to-face is a necessary component of our health and our business. The perpetuation of a consulting engineering business is as much dependent on apprenticeship as it is on collaborative problem solving. These require connection and relationship, two tenets that are much more effective to develop and cultivate in person. Coffman’s strength with these tenets were drivers for our success with transitioning to remote working in 2020. Now it is time to rebuild these business drivers in-person.

Coffman staff members are returning to work from our offices as our local communities open up. The general managers of each office are working with myself and HR to determine when our teams can safely return to the office. Coffman’s local office autonomy provides our offices freedom, within some general guidelines, to define the “new normal” for returning our team to the office. Some Coffman locations have fully returned to the office, while some opt to continue with a combination of work from home and in the office for the foreseeable future. Those locations not yet back in the office have plans to do so when appropriate.

If you are considering visiting a Coffman office, please reach out to your local contact to determine the status of the office and of the individuals you want to meet with. This is the best way to understand the specific details of the office’s return to work plan and any safety requirements. If you don’t have a specific contact, you can reach us here. We are eager to welcome our teams back in the office at some capacity, but we will continue to be measured while adhering to all local and national mandates as we move forward with our return to work plans.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dave Ruff, PE  |  CEO/COB