Creativity and multidiscipline integration.

Our multidiscipline team of industrial engineers provides services to a broad range of industries, including on and offshore petroleum and natural gas operations, hydroelectric plants, aerospace manufacturing, mining, aluminum mills, wood product manufacturing, pulp and paper, cement terminals, and more. From conceptual design to startup and commissioning, we are ready to take on your project or augment your own staff at any phase.

Projects that demonstrate the diversity of our capabilities include: designing a traveler system to safely transport bridge maintenance workers 220 feet above the water in strong winds, sea air, and fog; evaluating aging cranes used to lift 275 ton turbine generators; and providing fire protection engineering services for a 3.3 million sf tire distribution complex.

Coffman’s engineers are up for diverse challenges. We’d love to help you with yours.

Industrial Client Services:

  • Acoustical engineering.

  • Bridge engineering.

  • Civil engineering.

  • Commissioning.

  • Corrosion control engineering.

  • Crane design.

  • Electrical engineering.

  • Electrical instrumentation and controls.

  • Energy auditing.

  • Fire protection engineering.

  • Industrial design.

  • Land survey.

  • Lighting design.

  • Mechanical engineering.

  • Project management.

  • Structural engineering.

  • Sustainable design.


Philip Pintor, PE