Philip Pintor, PE

Principal Advisor, Industrial Mechanical Engineering


Meet Phil

Phil is an industrial mechanical engineering principal advisor in the Spokane office.

Coffman’s industrial group offers something extra special by providing numerous one off specialty designs for our clients in the hydroelectric and industrial arenas. Phil’s solid understanding of this unique area of expertise has been instrumental in leading this group of engineers. The depth of his knowledge isn’t achieved with just a few years in the industry, but rather, with over 30 years developing, designing and detailing custom machine and fabrication projects.

Under Phil’s leadership, a one of a kind Flip Facility for Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico was successfully designed. This new facility was cutting edge for the military, allowing them to flip articles approximately the size of a Boeing 757 to an inverted position all within a single building. Designing a facility of this nature, Phil and his team were faced with many uncertainties that were overcome through evaluation of several alternatives. Many of these alternatives focused on the issue of safety from a design standpoint for both the structure and method of hoisting 140 tons of dead and live load 80 feet in the air. The design team was faced with other challenges including: high wind speeds, large clear span of the building, a 50T crane centered on the roof trusses, a large pit in the center of the floor, heating and cooling, and stringent lighting requirements. Diligent effort and creative ingenuity delivered a successful design and overall client satisfaction.

Professional Organizations

  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).
  • American Welding Society.


  • Coauthor Modernizing Existing Cranes Factors for Consideration.
  • HydroVision International 2011 Conference Technical Papers Proceedings, July, 2011, Sacramento, CA.