Culley Parris, PE

Principal, Mechanical Engineering


Meet Culley

Culley is an industrial mechanical engineering principal in the Spokane office. He has a broad range of experience in pre-engineering, planning, and project coordination and specializes in industrial mechanical projects. He excels at maintaining long-term client relationships and bringing insight into challenging and unusual projects. Prior to Coffman, Culley worked with base maps, GIS, and construction management (CM) in the Air Force. 

Since 2006, he has utilized finite element analysis (FEA) in a variety of situations. These include piping restraint systems, piping stress analysis for oil and gas, machine failure analysis, various structural designs, field fixes for failing components, and custom fabrications for unusual applications. Custom designs have included an underwater stainless steel swivel joint, steam piping restraints with high loads in challenging locations, hydraulic manifolds, mining equipment, and conveyors. Culley has assisted clients operating aluminum extrusion presses with a variety of engineering tasks related to their presses since 2013. Culley has led the development of FEA within the industrial group, mentoring other engineers in the group into competency with this important tool, supporting external clients, and other Coffman offices.

Professional organizations

  • National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards (NAFEMS).
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).