University of California San Diego Triton Pavilion

The Triton Pavilion for Student Resources and Community Engagement development will redevelop 7.5 acres at the center of campus and will be the first project constructed in the re-envisioned University Center Urban Core of the campus. The subject project includes six buildings built on top of a podium parking garage. Of these six buildings, two of them have three story atriums thereby requiring a smoke control system. Additionally, one of the buildings is classified as a high-rise thereby requiring a smoke control system as well as additional parameters in accordance with California Building Code (CBC) Section 403. Services included developing the fire protection/life safety code compliance approach, negotiating complex building and fire code issues with the UCSD Campus Fire Marshal, and coordination of fire protection systems with the design-build team. Services also included providing atrium smoke control design and rational analysis report for smokeproof enclosures.


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  • Fire Protection Engineering