Coffman engineers unveiled a refreshed logo that honors our company’s history and represents our upward movement.

The refreshed logo celebrates the legacy of the triangle and introduces a contemporary logotype. “The new logo is brighter, cleaner, and more distinguished. It was designed to honor our rich history, align with who we are today, and carry us into the future,” said Dave Ruff, President/CEO. The new look continues to reflect Coffman’s friendly, authentic, experienced service, culture, and commitment to the community.

The previous logo served us well for several decades and it was important that the new look continued to embrace our company history and legacy. “As Coffman grew through the years, we’ve updated our brand, but always maintained the triangle concept through the years,” said founder Dave Coffman. The Coffman triangle has a special place in the company’s history.

The updated brand identity will come to life in phases over the next year as the company celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2019.

The Story Behind the Coffman Logo

In 1979, Dave Coffman founded Coffman in Bellevue, Washington as a seven person structural engineering firm. Although the company was just starting out, Dave already recognized many key principles necessary for running a successful company. Dave understood the value of creativity, outside the box thinking, and respect for customers and employees. He believed in hard work to stay at the forefront of engineering, being competitive while remaining humble. Those values remain ingrained in Coffman’s culture today.

It was during the first few years in business that Dave incorporated the triangle into the company logo. He had used the triangle as the solution to a difficult problem he solved during his master’s program at Berkeley. The triangle resonated with the brand, and over the years it has come to represent different areas of our business. Dave has used the triangle to describe the strength of our company (the equilateral triangle is the strongest shape), the three points of the triangle representing the principal functions common to all successful businesses (selling work, doing work, and making profit), the first three Coffman offices (Seattle, Anchorage, and Spokane), and more. The triangle has been a constant part of Coffman since the early days, changing only slightly over the years.

We have experienced continuous expansion in our geographic presence, number of staff, and engineering services offered. Today, while the firm is larger and more diverse than when it began, we remain true to our hometown roots and are dedicated to the success of employees and clients, just as we have from day one.