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Kalispel Wellness Center

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Coffman understands that project scopes sometimes change. At the outset, the Kalispel Tribe wanted to build a modest fitness center. Over time, the Tribe’s needs and wants shifted, and Coffman shifted design efforts with them, adding size and features. The result is an incredible facility. The Kalispel Tribe now has a fantastic fitness and aquatic facility, which was achieved through our willingness to guide and flex with changing Owner desires.

This 90,000, $16M sf recreation and wellness center features a complete fitness center with a full-size gymnasium and elevated running track, a natatorium with four-lane lap pool, two recreation pools with play structures and a water slide, and locker facilities. The building also features a medical-dental clinic, physical therapy area with pool, adult/child development center, community services facilities, and meeting rooms.

Kalsipel Wellness Center gym Coffman Engineers


Usk, Washington

Project Lead

Karl G. Kolb, S.E., LEED AP