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Spokane University District Pedestrian Bridge

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Home to several Washington schools, Spokane's University District is a continuously growing community. Development included an area away from the main campus, that crossed over railroad lines. Easy access to the new section of the district quickly became a necessity, calling for the construction of the Spokane University District Pedestrian Bridge.

Coffman Engineers provided structural and mechanical engineering services for the bridge inspection and maintenance traveler for the pedestrian bridge at the U-District in Spokane, WA. The structure of the traveler is steel framed and supports inspection and maintenance personnel. Along with the traveler system, Coffman also provided erection aid design for construction of the U-District bridge including girder stress analysis during erection, lifting lugs and lifting stresses on girders, girder stability during erection, shoring towers, etc.

spokane university district bridge Coffman Engineers


Spokane, Washington

Project Lead

Phil Pintor, P.E.

Dave Peden, S.E., LEED AP